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Revision Vaginoplasty

Revision due to bad function:

Thousands of patients each year are treated at Kamol hospital with SRS revision. Penile inversion will close without daily dilation and often we see patients whose neo vaginas have narrowed to a point that they are unable to have intercourse with. Not all plastic surgeons are equal. There are a number of surgeons we see time and time again who have results that are not acceptable. There is no reason why a neo-vagina should look man made. It should look exactly the same as a biological vagina with no visible scars. We can take a vagina with poor aesthetics and look like a biological vagina in nearly all cases. Dr Kamol is among the best revision vaginoplasty surgeons in the world and has given some truly unbelievable transformations. 


Aesthetic Revision

Kamol Hospital has a proud reputation for creating beautiful natural vaginas. Unfortunately many surgeons around the world don’t have the same reputation and many are left unhappy with their results. We can perform SRS touchup including labiaplasty, clitoroplasty, clitoral and urethral correction, erectile tissue removal etc to make the visible part of the vagina as perfect as it should be. 


Upgrading your vagina with Peritoneal

Since the introduction of SRS-PPV many trans women have chosen to ‘upgrade’ their neo-vagina’s to this technique. Many have perfectly normal typical results from older techniques such as penile inversion but want something more indistinguishable from a biological vagina that self lubricates, is elastic and that they don’t need to dilate for the rest of their lives. We can take previous penile inversion / skin graft and Sigmoid colon vaginoplasty and replace it with SRS-PPV andt the same time we can also make any aesthetic changes you would like.

SRS-PPV is the newest and most advanced SRS technique in the world and offers transgender women a vagnia that looks, acts, feels and behaves like a biological vagina. Kamol Cosmetic Hospital is one of the few hospitals in the world able to perform it. It is more like a natal biological vagina than any other method as it’s wet, elastic, it self lubricates, it feels like a vagina and is indistinguishable from a biological vagina. It has no unpleasant odour, it has the quickest recovery time of any technique with the least pain and does not require a lifetime of dilation. No other technique comes close to the function of a biological vagina than SRS-PPV.


Other Types of Revision Vaginoplasty

We also perform the secondary vaginoplasty using the sigmoid colon to reconstruct the neovaginal canal. This method has the advantages that the vaginal depth can be predetermined and it also self lubricates. Disadvantages are those of longer healing and potential odours.

There are 2 options for SRS using sigmoid colon:
Open technique where there is a ~8-10 cm. incision scar in the bikini line and the Laparoscopic (keyhole) technique where 4 tiny incisions in the abdomen are made.
-Hospitalization: 7 nights
-Duration time of surgery: 6 hours
-We recommend that you stay in Thailand for 3-4 weeks for recovery.



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