Revision Vaginoplasty / SRS

Revision Vaginoplasty / Secondary Vaginoplasty

A revision vaginoplasty may be required for various reasons: Correcting and improving ascetics and function, adding depth, and correcting a poorly performed vaginoplasty. Our team of specialist surgeons, led by Dr Kamol, are among the most qualified and highly trained experts on these procedures. Many vaginoplasty techniques commonly used were invented and perfected here at the Kamol Cosmetic Hospital. Our surgeon’s expertise can drastically improve and “upgrade” one's prior vaginoplasty and vaginal canal with a modern and proven technique such as the Penile Peritoneum Vaginoplasty (PPV) or the Sigmoid Colon procedure. Dr. Kamol and his internationally recognized team of surgeons will make one's dreams a reality.

Revision due to lack of function

          Thousands of patients each year are treated at Kamol Cosmetic Hospital with revision vaginoplasty. The most common technique for SRS around the world is penile inversion which has the downside that without daily dilation, their vaginas narrow to the point that they are unable to have intercourse. At this point, there is no alternative other than to replace the vaginal canal with either a Sigmoid Colon or PPV. There are also cases where the function was never possible, even in the beginning, due to malpractice and unprofessional surgery.

Revision due to unsatisfactory aesthetics

          Kamol Cosmetic Hospital has a proud reputation for creating and designing beautiful natural vaginas. The aesthetic appearance of the vagina is one of the most critical aspects for most trans women in building sexual confidence. We aim to design and create the vaginal appearance to include inner and outer labia, correctly positioned urethra and vaginal entrance, and the clitoris to be cisgender without noticeable scars. In revision cases, It is tough to do this with the limited quality skin and tissue, but we will try to do it as much as possible, and we are some of the best in the world. Since the introduction of SRS-PPV and sigmoid colon, many trans women have chosen to ‘upgrade’ their neo-vagina to these techniques. Many have perfectly typical results from older methods, such as penile inversion, and also have good functions. Still, they want something more indistinguishable from a biological vagina, such as self-lubrication, elasticity and a massive factor in that newer methods are that they don’t always require dilation for the rest of their lives. We can take the previous penile inversion vaginoplasty and replace it with SRS-PPV / sigmoid colon, and at the same time, we can also make any aesthetic changes you would like.

Revision due to unprofessional function Revision Vaginoplasty with Peritoneal - SRS-PPV

          This is the newest technique, and Kamol Cosmetic Hospital is one of the only hospitals in the world performing it. Peritoneal tissue is the tissue that lines the abdomen. It is the most vagina-like of all body tissues. It is elastic, wet, and self-lubricated. The procedure uses a small amount of penile inversion combined with a peritoneum pull-through to make the vaginal canal. Using a peritoneal pull-through to create a vaginal canal is not, in fact, a new idea; it’s just new for transgender people. This technique has been used in cisgender girls for over 45 years. Known as the Davydov technique, it is the only treatment for girls born without a vaginal canal, known as “MRKH Syndrome” This congenital disability affects a huge one in 4500 girls. Peritoneal tissue is the only tissue used to make a vaginal canal to connect the vulva to the womb of girls with MRKH. Dr Kamol and his team work simultaneously to perform this advanced method. One surgeon prepares the peritoneal lining while Dr. Kamol creates the outer vagina/vulva. In the last stage, the peritoneal is pulled through and connected to the newly formed vaginal canal to the vulva.

Revision Vaginoplasty using Sigmoid Colon

          The advantages of using the Sigmoid Colon are that the vagina will have a natural lubricant, and dilation for life is not usually needed. This method offers the most profound vaginal depth at 7-9 inches. Contrary to widespread rumors, the vagina doesn't have a bad odor. The sigmoid colon is vital and rarely shrinks. At Kamol Cosmetic Hospital, there are 2 options for Sigmoid Colon SRS:
          Open Technique
          The sigmoid colon with open technique leaves a 5 cm scar on the bikini line. The average length of the sigmoid colon segment is approximately 7 inches. The operation time is approximately 6 hours.
          Laparoscopic Technique (Keyhole surgery-No Scars)
          The sigmoid colon is harvested through 4 small incisions using the laparoscopic technique. There are 3 tiny freckle-like scars on the abdomen. The sigmoid colon segment is closed at the upper end and pulled through the neo-vaginal canal and anastomosis (re-connected) to the neovaginal opening.

Revision Vaginoplasty Results

          The result of revision vaginoplasty depends on the previous surgery and the severity of damage that has been done. Our team includes plastic surgeons, urologists, colorectal surgeons, gynecologists, anesthesiologists, etc. They will create and design a new vagina with the limited quantity of skin and tissue available. Revision vaginoplasty is an art form of plastic surgery, as you can see from our before and after gallery.


Getting to Know for Revision Vaginoplasty

MTF Neovaginal Collapse Revision

Neo-vaginal collapse is a complication that can occur after transgender affirmation surgery.

Aesthetic Neo-Vagina Appearance revision

Our revision surgery focuses on addressing any issues with previous neo vagina surgeries.

Neo-vaginal fistula with colostomy bag revision

Neo-vaginal fistula with colostomy bag revision

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Before & After for Revision Vaginoplasty


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Why is Kamol Cosmetic Hospital the best choice for revising vaginoplasty SRS?

          Male-to-female sex reassignment surgery is the final decision for transitioning. But many transwomen are suffering from the failed result, such as aesthetics filled with scars, the appearance of not looking like a biological woman, loss of sensation, depth, etc. They feel pain and depression and cannot pass the final stage. They need to do a lot of research to prevent the possibility of secondary vaginoplasty. Dr. Kamol and his team have helped countless transgender patients over the years to fix both their appearance and vaginal cavity. We have the high experience for over 20 years of providing Gender reassignment surgery with many techniques, such as vaginal with zero depth, scrotal skin graft technique, colon vaginoplasty both by open and laparoscopic techniques, and the newest technique, peritoneum vaginoplasty.

          Our team consisted of professional plastic surgeons, colorectal surgeons, urologists, gynecologists, and other various specialists who are very highly skilled and work as surgeons and artistic designers to create and design aesthetic vaginal and vaginal cavities with limited quality skin and tissue to make it complete as much as possible.

          We are proud to serve you with the most talented surgical teams led by Dr. Kamol Pansritum. Who performed more than 10,000 cases of Sex reassignment surgery? Our team consisted of professional plastic surgeons, colorectal surgeons, urologists, gynecologists, and other various specialists who are very highly skilled and work as surgeons and artistic designers to create and design aesthetic vaginal and vaginal cavities with limited quality skin and tissue to make it complete as much as possible.