Darcie Silver

Darcie Silver

         My name is Darcie and before I started working at Kamol Hospital I did all my surgeries here too. Words can’t really explain the feelings of transition. It’s just the most amazing and beautiful journey as we become who we really are.

         The process of transition is complex and difficult to put into words, but it allowed me to become my true self and break free from the "invisible prison walls" that I have always been trapped in.

         An important aspect of the transition process for many transgender individuals myself included is the concept of "passing," or being perceived as a member of matching my gender identity rather than my sex assigned at birth.

         Through numerous surgeries over the course of a year I was pretty and had a nice body but when I spoke I was always scared people would know about me and this fear and paranoia was a constant stress in my life. My voice wasn't even so bad but sneezing, coughing and laughing were filled with dread because my voice could and occasionally would drop and at this point there was no mistake in peoples minds about me.

         It was at this point I decided to do voice feminisation surgery at Kamol Hospital. The surgery itself was quick and not painful. It was annoying not being able to talk for a week but it quickly passed.

         Now after the surgery, I am able to relax and feel more confident. Now my voice is perfect. It’s natural, feminine, I can relax, it’s just the final piece of the jigsaw that helped me escape my gender dysphoria and live like a normal woman. Voice Feminisation Surgery changed everything and is one of the best transition surgeries I have done.