Medical Technology

We believe that a successful surgery will combine a highly -skilled team of surgeons with the latest technologies available in medical instruments and equipments.

Our main concern is to provide the best and the finest in aesthetic and cosmetic specialists. We have gathered a talented medical team along with attentive and highly-trained nurses, qualified skillful anesthesiologists, and expert plastic surgeons, to realize the dreams of each of our patients.

Mobile X-ray

To give the best image quality in mobile imaging, the same high-performance 60KHz inverter is incorporated in MobileArt ECO.

Even with smaller power it efficiently produces high-quality images. 


The S88 Floorstand - Rising to the Occasion

OPMI Vario - Legendary Optics from Carl Zeiss

•       Rock-solid suspension system

•       Magnetically locked axes for exact positioning

•       Memory for personal settings

•       Xenon light source

•       Extraordinary image quality, improved resolution and incredible color fidelity
        delivered by the brilliant, totally apochromatic optics

•       Internal focus mechanism known as the Varioscope - the surgeon can focus up
        or down the focal plane without changing lenses.

•       The Zeiss zoom system provides an excellent field of view and magnification.

Bed side Monitor

The concept of PVM-2701 is “supreme ease of use.” The PVM-2701 provides a solution for hospitals that want to improve quality and streamline operation. PVM-2701 combines high accuracy and simple operation to satisfy every caregiver from expert to trainee.