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Cheekbone Reduction, Zygoma Reduction

Cheekbone Reduction, Zygoma Reduction

in Bangkok, Thailand 


Cheekbone Reduction, Zygoma Reduction

          The beautiful cheekbones represent attractive  facial appearance, located in the middle of the face. The optimal prominent, shape, and size will be required.  If the cheekbones are high and excessively prominent, The facial look will be fierce impressions. So, cheekbone reduction may be considered as a surgical procedure to reshape prominent cheekbones, reduce facial width to achieve a more beautiful, balanced, and attractive face. 


A Good Candidate for Cheekbone Reduction

          The patients who may find cheekbone reduction suitable include those with excessively prominent front cheekbones, broad cheekbone, and disproportionate or unbalanced facial structure. Some people may have a sunken area under the cheekbones. As for the expected results, the procedure can remove or correct bone protrusions, making the facial line look sleeker, slimmer, softer, and more attractive. 


Preparation before surgery

  • Physical examination includes a blood test, chest X-ray, and EKG the patient is over 40 years old to assess if there is any risk from a heart condition
  • Facial X-ray to analyze the facial structure and choose the most suitable technique
  • Stop smoking for at least two weeks before surgery
  • Stop taking any anti-inflammatory medications such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen at least two weeks. Also, avoid herbal supplements and vitamins which may increase with bleeding during and after surgery
  • Plan for a recovery period

Anatomy of zygomatic bone

Picture 1. Anatomy of zygomatic bone


Zygomatic Reduction Procedure

          Our technique is an L-shaped osteotomy or two-site osteotomy and rotation method. This procedure involves two-incision scars. One is intra-oral for the zygomatic body, and the other is located in front of the ear behind the sideburn for the zygomatic arch. The incision is small to minimize the scar.   

          Frontal site osteotomy, the zygomatic body, is to be cut by a particular saw into an L-shape. And the back-site osteotomy (posterior osteotomy) means that the zygomatic arch is cut. The cheekbone must be rotated inwardly and fixed by a mini-titanium plate and screws to prevent further bone movement. The surgeon creates a smooth step of the bone. The intra-oral incision will be closed using absorbable suture. The external incision close with fine sutures. 



Zygomatic reduction procedure (cheekbone reduction)

Picture 2. Zygomatic reduction procedure (cheekbone reduction)



          The cheekbone reduction procedure takes 1-2 hours under general anesthesia. Hospitalization requires 1- 2 nights. 


Risks and Complications for Cheekbone Reduction or Zygoma Reduction

          Cheekbone reduction, like other facial reduction procedures, does involve common risks such as infection, bleeding, blood clot, bruising, swelling, injury to the surrounding tissue and nerves, or blood vessels and allergic reactions to anesthesia. Risks that are unique to this procedure include:

  • Numbness
  • Decreased skin sensation over the surgical area
  • Asymmetry cheekbones
  • Tightness when opening the mouth
  • Zygomatic arch fracture
  • Unstable zygomatic bone
  • Zygomatic bone and arch malposition after surgery
  • Revision surgery may be required


Postoperative care

It is important to take good care to prevent infection by using mouth wash often

 keep the face elevated as much as possible to reduce swelling, gentle movement for support blood circulation, wearing a compression bandage at all times for three days, and when sleeping for one month.

  • Avoid aggressive activities for a month after surgery
  • Stop smoking or drinking alcohol for at least two weeks after surgery
  • Keep any follow-up appointments with your surgeon to check the healing process and ask any questions that may concern you
  • Stitches are taken off seven days after surgery, whereas absorbable sutures use in the mouth

You can return to work 7-10 days after surgery, but there may still be some swelling. You can resume exercising four weeks after surgery.

Positioning of Zygoma Reduction (Cheekbone Reduction) Positioning of Zygoma Reduction (Cheekbone Reduction)

Figure 3: Positioning of zygoma reduction (cheekbone reduction)

Cheekbone Reduction, Zygoma Reduction Before & After

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