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Cheekbone Augmentation

          Despite some differences to women’s cheekbones, it is possible to alter the appearances of men’s cheekbones to achieve a more feminine look. Men’s cheekbones tend to be low, rectangular and flat, whereas the softer and curvier features of women’s cheekbones create glow and radiance. Our team of highly qualified surgeons offer the following specialized procedures:


Cheekbone Implant

Figure 1: Cheekbone Implant


Cheekbone Augmentation

          Cheekbone augmentation is for those with low and narrow cheekbones, which may be broadened so that the center of the face appears more balanced and feminine. In this procedure, the surgeon makes an incision inside the mouth or underneath the lower eyelashes and places silicone implants on top of the original cheekbones. The wounds are then stitched using dissolvable stitches will be used. The procedure normally takes approximately one to two hours under general anesthesia. The patient may stay one to two nights at the hospital after the surgery with the recovery period of one week.

Figure 2: Positioning of Cheekbone Implant


Cheekbone Augmentation / Implant Before & After

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