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Body Sculpting Surgery

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          We are born with different proportion of the body and different way of fat distribution.  In females, we can categorize them into 4 groups:

  1. I or Ruler shape: the breast, hip and waist have almost the same proportion. The body line is more like a straight line. The fat distribute throughout the body.
  2. V or Cone Shape: this body type has a large shoulder with small hip. Fat distribution for this type of body concentrate on breast, shoulder and face
  3. A or Spoon Shape: This body shape has small breasts and fat deposit at waist, buttock and thigh.
  4. X or Hourglass Shape: breast and hip has the same width with waist more than 9 inches smaller than the two.

In Male, there are three types of body proportions:

  1. Ectomorph: small bone, muscle and shoulder.  Small amount of fat.
  2. Endomorph: large bone, muscle and large amount of fat, but muscle was hard to visualize.
  3. Mesomorph: good proportion of bone, muscle and fat. Muscle is prominent is this body figure.


Body sculpting surgery is a surgery that alters the shape that each person have to a more aesthetic type. The most important part is the hip waist and thigh proportion.Body sculpting surgery includes liposuction in the area that needed a reduction, and fat grafting in the area that need enhancement.

          In the female body, breast and hip should be larger than waist like an hour glass with the addition of faint abdominal muscle would be an ideal body shape. In the male, ideal body shape is a V shape with well-defined muscle.

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