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          Forehead shaving or forehead compression and Brow bone shaving are the most important at the upper part of your face to change masculine facial features into feminine feature. There are many differences between masculine and feminine forehead. The first is a brow bossing, a ridge of bone at the eye brow level consists of a frontal sinus which is in the middle and orbital rims which are above the eyes. Male foreheads often have a slightly backward s slope to them as Samurai forehead. The expression of the masculine forehead looks harder or angrier all the time. The surgeon has to shave the frontal sinus and orbital eye rims to reduce and adjust the forehead bone to be a smooth appearance, balance, and harmony.

Male Foreheads Female Foreheads

Picture 1. Shows the differentiation between male and female forehead


Why has to do

       A facial feature is very important, that any people can see. For a body feature, they can put some clothes on. For transgender people who have a gender identity that differs from the sex assigned to them at birth, altering these characteristics can be essential in their transition. Being seen as women can also help transgender women avoid harassment and discrimination. However, before the surgery will be perform with a good physical and mental health


Risk and Complication

         It likes any major surgery, a risk of bleeding, infection, damage forehead bone structures, facial asymmetry and an adverse reaction to anesthesia. Other complications might include:

  • Suture rupture along an incision line
  • Visible scarring
  • Fluid accumulation beneath the skin (seroma)
  • A solid swelling of clotted blood within your tissues (hematoma)
  • Dissatisfaction with appearance after surgery
  • A facial nerve injury

Sometimes additional surgery is needed to correct facial asymmetry and improve the final outcome.


Preparing for the surgery

  • You have to see and consult with your surgeon.
  • Physical and mental examination, Blood test, Chest x ray, electrolytes, HIV, liver function, kidney.
  • You will need CT scan.
  • Stop smoking, alcohol at least 1 week.
  • Stop some medicines, vitamin or herbs that interferes blood loss such as aspirin.


The Surgery has undergone general anesthesia, operation time is 2-3 hours


Good candidates and how to

          Forehead shaving or Forehead type II, this operation is designed for the patients who have basically normal sinuses and normal desirable female forehead protrusion with both standard bossing and the concavity above the eye area. The surgeons grind down the wall of the bone as much as possible without breaking through frontal sinus to give a smooth and curved appearance. The bone can be reduced approximately 2-3 mm by the electric high speed burr. The incision is on the scalp behind the hairline

Picture 2. Shows the thick bone over frontal sinus, that is available to shaving (Forehead Type II)

Picture 3. Shows the thin bone over frontal sinus. In this case will perform a forehead compression (Forehead type III)


Forehead compression, forehead type III

          This procedure is performed by removing and reshaping the frontal wall of the sinus. Then, the area around the frontal sinus bone is grounded down, and fixes it back with titanium microplate and screw. Sometimes, using wires instead of screws and plate. The procedure is preserved for those who have prominent forehead bone and deep set eyes.    



Post-operative care

          After Forehead shaving, Brow bossing, expected to experience pain, redness and swelling in your face, most noticeably in your eyes. After surgery 10 days, takes stitches off. You will need to sleep face-up, with your head elevated, at least 1 to 2 weeks after surgery to help control post-op swelling. Avoid over exercise for one month. You can begin moderate exercise within three to six months.



          Definitive and stable results might not completely appearance, until up to a year after forehead surgery. During your recovery period, you'll continue to talk to specialists involved in your treatment about the evolution of your facial features and any complications you experience. Forehead surgeries can dramatically improve the quality of life in transgender women.

Forehead Shaving / Forehead Compression Before & After

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