Steps of MTF Transformation Surgery


          Some people are usually born with Gender Identity Disorder, their minds do not get along with their gender. Sex change surgery can help such people switch to their preferred gender to improve their quality of life in their social setting. The gender reassignment surgery, as well as a sex change surgical procedure, involves a detailed assessment of an individual by a psychiatrist and a psychologist along with other surgeons.

          Gender identity disorder will be treated by sex reassignment surgery to create a new gender is matches with their mind. As a spin-off, it ensures desirable results.

The process of male-to-female (MTF) transformation surgery involves several stages to achieve a more feminine appearance and create functional female genitalia.

 -  Step 1: Breast Augmentation
The first step in MTF transformation surgery is breast augmentation, which involves placing breast implants under the muscle in the chest to give the appearance of breasts.

 -  Step 2: Genital Transformation
The second step involves altering the male genitalia and creating female genitalia, including the inner and outer labia and a vagina. Surgeons prioritize preserving sensation during this process and aim to create a functional depth that is as close to that of a biological woman as possible.

 -  Step 3: Recovery and Sexual Activity
Recovery from MTF transformation surgery typically takes around 1-2 months. Sexual activity can typically be resumed at least three months after surgery.

          There are also several additional surgical procedures that can be performed to support the male-to-female transition, including facial feminization surgery, and voice feminization surgery. These procedures can help individuals feel more confident and complete in their transition.

          The specialized techniques used at Kamol Cosmetic Hospital for MTF sex reassignment surgery.

          Our plastic surgeons are specialized in male to female (MTF) sex reassignment surgery have developed advanced techniques and expertise through experience, workshops, tutorials, and conferences. These surgeons are skilled in a range of procedures that involve both aesthetic and functional improvement, including rejuvenation of the feminine face, micro fat grafting, transfer techniques, and the removal of male organs and creation of female organs. 

          When choosing to undergo MTF sex reassignment surgery, you can trust that the overall treatments, including male breast augmentation, liposuction, and dermatological surgery, will be performed with the highest level of care and without any flaws.