Best Facial Feminization Surgery Surgeon

facial feminization surgery

          Transgender women go through a mental conflict between their physical gender and the one with which they identify themselves due to gender dysphoria. They start noticing weird shape and size of the hairline, eyebrows, brow bone, nose, cheekbones, plates as well as chin.

          Undergoing facial feminization surgery under the supervision of the best facial feminization surgeons from Kamol Hospital and other reputed clinics can help fix this problem. They not only offer the services of the highest quality but also provide them with reasonable charges to suit the budget of individuals.


Best facial feminization surgeons begin by evaluating an individual’s medical history

          Before going ahead with the surgery, surgeons take a close look at the physical condition of an individual. The former may ask the latter a few questions about their medical history. If required they may also keep a photo of it for future reference.

Besides, they also discuss the possibilities and the outcomes of the surgery to keep their clients well informed. It also helps them set up the right expectations in the mind of their clients. For best results, a facial feminization surgeon concentrates on the facial features of an individual.


FFS surgery cost and the other aspects of FFS

          When it comes to FFS surgery or any other beauty treatment, the popular perception is that it is expensive. However, you can address this issue tactfully to keep the charges within your budget by choosing the right hospital or clinic. For instance, Kamol Hospital conducts this surgery at an FFS surgery cost that does not strain your finances.

          During the consultation, you will get the assessment of the overall facial areas that require feminization. Then the experts use the combination of the procedure put together to offer the best solution.

They will deal with precision and care for the performance of the surgery on the facial bones. You can also get help from the board-certified specialist with extensive experience related to the performance of the surgery. You can find out the changes post the surgery by drawing a comparison on  your own between FFS


Surgery before and after images

What does the best facial feminization surgery involve?

          You get the wide range of the reconstructive as well as aesthetic best facial feminization surgery procedures that can lead to the reshaping of the facial features for making the most prominent and feminine look depending on the current features as well as expectations. You will get plenty of additional services like forehead reduction and contouring lift as well as lip augmentation.

          Hair transplant, brow lift, rhinoplasty recontouring, feminizing, fat transfer, and other feminization procedures bring in the gender-specific changes in the body to give a natural look.

          The individuals go through different problems solved with the advent of this procedure. Transgender individuals are also getting a deep sense of satisfaction and comfort in their skin.


Get in touch with the best provider for the best results with facial feminization surgery

          Kamol Hospital has a team of FFS specialists who perform soft tissue procedures for a long-lasting effect. The reliable surgeons of Kamol Hospital have a proven track record of offering the desired outcome to individuals with FFS surgery. Investing in their facial feminization surgery-related services will not only help transform your appearance but also improve your life in the social setting with a dose of confidence.

          What are you waiting for? To book an appointment with a special FFS surgeon, contact us now!