Labiaplasty in Bangkok, Thailand

          Labiaplasty is a procedure that makes an aesthetic look of the labia, and related area. Women with hypertrophic labia can experience pain during intercourse or feel discomfort during everyday activities which results in excessive sweating and contribute to unpleasant odors, resulting from decreasing sexual pleasure. This procedure focuses on the size adjustment of labia minor or major and also focuses on function issues.

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital offers four procedures for the labiaplasty as follows;

  • Labia and mons pubic augmentation
  • Labia reduction
  • Mons pubic aesthetic/ Monsplasty
  • Vaginal bleaching

1. Labiaplasty by labia and Mons pubic augmentation ( Nano fat grafting)

          When we are aging, The tissue and the fat at the labia majora, minora, and mons decrease, which can cause sagging and wrinkles around the genital area. The sagging and wrinkles around the genital area affect an aesthetic appearance and sexual intercourse. It has friction and pain during sex.  

          In this procedure we offer fat transfer from the abdominal area and extract only fat cells by Nano fat grafting, inject them to the outer labia and mons pubic, making it enhanced and full. It will balance the mons, labia, and abdomen, good looking appearance. The operation time is around 30 min- 1 hour in the operating room, under sedation or general anesthesia.

2. Labiaplasty by Labia reduction

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital offers major and minor labia reduction.

  • Labia minora reduction

Some women are born with large labia, and others may develop this condition after childbirth or with age. The surgical labial reduction can significantly improve the aesthetic appearance of the abnormally enlarged labia.

  • Labia majora reduction

Anatomical variation may be worsened by childbirth or by weight gain or loss. Be improved by liposuction or surgical reduction.

3. Monsplasty

          A monsplasty is a surgical procedure to reduce the bulging of the mons, and some women suffer from a bulge of excess skin and fat in the mons, they feel uncomfortable wearing a swimming suit or tight pants. They want to reduce the amount of fatty tissue and skin that cause the bulge. Monsplasty procedure, the surgeon will provide liposuction to reduce the fat at the mons area and/ or cut the excess skin.

4. Vaginal bleaching

          Many women have unsatisfied with the color of their vagina and area surrounding the vagina. That comes from the aging, hormone imbalance, and genetics. That has left their intimate regions darker.

Laser vaginal bleaching removes the darker colored tissue in the vagina area. The operation takes place using the laser, on three or more sessions, 10-15 minutes for each session. The melanin layer is removed.

Preparation for Labiaplasty

  • Consult the surgeon what is your expectation
  • Physical examination includes a blood test, chest X-ray, and EKG if the patient is over 40 years old to assess if there is any risk from a heart condition if they need to undergo general anesthesia
  • Stop smoking for at least two weeks before surgery
  • Stop taking any anti-inflammatory medications such as Aspirin or ibuprofen at least two weeks. Also, avoid herbal supplements and vitamins which may increase bleeding during and after surgery
  • Fasting before surgery at least 6 hours., if the operation needs to undergo with general anesthesia

Post-operative care

In the post-operation period, special care should be given to hygienic care of the area, and it is recommended the first sexual intercourse takes place following the doctor's suggestion.

Risk and complication

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Scarring of tissue
  • Painful during intercourse.
  • Bruising


  • This procedure is a day surgery. You will have swelling, and bruising around seven days after surgery
  • It will have a secretion out from the liposuction incision within the first few days
  • You can take a shower after  surgery three days
  • You can go back to work after surgery seven days