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Why Kamol Cosmetic Hospital, Thailand, is a global gender change destination.

  • Kamol Cosmetic Hospital

    Kamol Cosmetic Hospital is an exceptional cosmetic and plastic surgery hospital where dreams are made a reality. Accredited by Joint Commission International, the gold standard in global healthcare, our surgeons are recognized as the most skilled and experienced in the industry. The world class medical expertise available here offers a new life to those who walk through its doors. Located in Bangkok, Thailand, clients describe a sensation of being ‘reborn’ following their treatment at our elegantly designed hospital.

  • Elite Plastic Surgeons

    At Kamol Hospital we provide a complete spectrum of fine cosmetic surgical procedures, performed by elite plastic surgeons setting new technological achievements. Our range of services means every patient who enters through our doors can fulfill every cosmetic desire within a single place, making the process as simple as possible, while safe in the knowledge that they are receiving a premium level of healthcare service.

  • Our world class aesthetic surgery

    is home to an exceptionally talented surgical team, directed by leading world surgeon, Dr. Kamol Pansritum. He has been practicing for over 20 years, performing over 10,000 cases of sex reassignment surgery and facial feminization surgery. Our highly qualified surgeons are supported by the very best medical team, consisting of anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, dentists, nurses and operating personnel - who speak a range of languages, including; English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Mandarin. We provide a private haven in which to recuperate and rejuvenate following your procedure,

  • World Class Healthcare

    Our exceptional level of healthcare is maintained by the finest world class surgeons. Each surgeon is highly skilled, capable of artistically developing your body, sculpting your dreams into a reality. Our healthcare services are not only limited to the changes we can make to your body, they are evident from our very first meeting, through any procedures and continue in recovery and post-operative care. Our pre-operative meetings are designed to give you all the information you require, explaining how we will deliver exceptional results, placing you into a sense of comfort and confidence in our ability.

    Strict privacy regulations at Kamol Cosmetic Hospital ensure the safe keeping of such material. The seamless transition into our recovery rooms following surgery allows patients to enjoy the facilities on offer, aiding in their recuperation. The final stages involve post-operative care, an opportunity for the patient and our medical team, including psychiatrists, to work closely together. These friendly, family-like times allow open discussion and the chance to enjoy a new lease of life.

  • World Class Facilities

    For our leading surgeons to provide the very best available services, they require world class facilities. Our four fully-functional, state of the art operating theaters are equipped with the safest, highest-grade equipment, instruments and emergency supplies. Following any surgery, the patient is attentively cared for by a specialist nurse in one of our Patient Rooms – complete with electric bed, cable TV, nurse call buttons and private bathroom. Alongside the essential facilities we provide an extra level to guarantee every visit and stay here is hassle free, comfortable and rewarding.

  • World Class Services

    We are proud to offer the premier and most exclusive medical center dedicated to cosmetic surgery - a sanctuary accredited by the Ministry of Health, and Joint Commission International, the gold standard in global healthcare. Utilizing the most modern operative techniques, our surgeons are performing at the pinnacle of their profession to ensure every person treated leaves amazed with their new look and happier than ever before in their skin. Services available include; facial feminization surgery; body surgery; MTF & FTM surgery; vagina and vulva rejuvenation; hair transplant; skin & laser treatment and a dental clinic.

  • We look forward to welcoming you into our family.

    The elegant style and peaceful ambiance of our hospital reflects the nature of those staff ready to help you. A large open lounge welcomes guests as they enter our hospital; attentive and polite staff ready to assist while your friends and family relax on the comfortable lounge chairs. Our hospital is your home. Multi-lingual staff remain on hand 24 hours a day to make sure your every desire is met, nurses always ready to answer your call. Our world class facilities place you in a state of calm and comfort. People are reborn at Kamol, finding new vigor for life as they leave a different person. We guarantee you will find our world class service and facilities to be premium quality – as proven by the thousands of delighted clients we have had the privilege of inviting into our hospital. We look forward to welcoming you with the care and consideration you deserve.

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Why Kamol Cosmetic Hospital, Thailand, is a global

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Izabelle : Story

สำหรับ Izabelle Coimbra, ไม่มีสิ่งไหนที่ให้ความรู้สึกเติมเต็มได้เลย ไม่ใช่ทั้งการได้ครองมงกุฎเวทีการประกวดระดับชาติ หรือการได้ทำงานในฐานะนางแบบมืออาชีพ

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Getting to know Dr. Kamol

When we recently sat down to talk with Dr. Kamol Pansritum about his life and work, it was a sultry early Sunday afternoon.

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K'Aom, a woman behinds Kamol Cosmetic Hospital

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