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by Book Theerachaya

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บุ๊ค ธีรชยา รองอันดับ 1 Miss Tiifany’s Universe 2018


Sawasdee Kha! I am Theerachaya or Book, the first runner up of Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2018. Today, I have undergone an important surgery done in my life, let’s see what it is.


Right now, I am here at Kamol Cosmetic Hospital. Today, I have an appointment about sex reassignment surgery. There are so many people, this place is the best that I am telling you. I already had a consultation with Dr. Kamol. The doctor gave me crystal-clear explanation about the surgery and its techniques. Today is my surgery day, the only thing you may need for registration is your ID card.




Then we go for body check-up. You do not need to go to another hospital because there is a laboratory in the hospital. I had to stop eating and drinking at 7.00 a.m. this morning. Talking about the body check-up, it includes blood test and pulmonary X-ray. Why do we need the check-up? It is because the surgery is a major surgery and performed under general anesthesia. We need to make sure we are healthy enough and ready to go on the surgery. It is for our safety.




After that, I came back to my room. I have to stay here for 6 days. I feel like this is not the hospital but the hotel. There are all stuffs needed like amenity and etc. The room is very clean and convenient. I just had to wait for the operation time. While I was waiting, nurses came to me for preparation like giving an IV-Fluid, shaving down there, and giving an enema. During the recovery time, I will not need to go to the toilet because if I force to pass feces, there is possibility to have wound dehiscence. That is the reason why we need to do the enema before.




I am very excited today. It is the day I had been waiting for long. I am going to be a complete woman. People may think I do it just to please others, in fact, I do it for myself. The only thing we want is to be a complete woman. Some people may not need it, but for me, I strongly believe everybody like me wants to be perfect. Everybody wants to see themselves in a mirror and feels like I am a real woman. I trust in this hospital that is why I made a decision to have the surgery done here.

เตรียมตัวผ่าตัด | บุ๊ค ธีรชยา รองอันดับ 1 Miss Tiifany’s Universe 2018



I have shed a lot of tear in my life. Until today, I feel like I have grown up with a lot of experiences. I wish what I am going to do be a precious gift to myself. At the moment, I have completed my dream that I had been dreaming since I was a kid till I am 23 years old now.

เตรียมตัวผ่าตัด | บุ๊ค ธีรชยา รองอันดับ 1 Miss Tiifany’s Universe 2018




Sawasdee Kha! Today is the third day after my sex reassignment surgery. I already had the blood drainage tubes removed but I still have urine catheter. It is normal, when I sleep, I just feel like there is something inside, not so comfortable, but not that very painful. When I left the operation theater, it was very dark. I kept asking the nurses what time I can go back to my room. At 06.00 a.m. of the following day, I woke up and found myself in be. I had a bowl of congee for breakfast and fried rice for lunch. I could eat normally, but should avoid eating fiber to not go to the toilet so often. Today, Esmon, MissTiffany Universe 2018 came to visit me. She is planning to have the surgery done here, also. It is like she came here for a survey.

วันนี้ก็วันที่ 3 สำหรับการผ่าตัดแปลงเพศ



Here comes the fifth day, I already had vaginal packing removed by Dr. Kamol. He told me that I will have the urine catheter removed in four days. It depends on each case, we will know when we can remove the urine catheter when the doctor removes vaginal packing. Right now, I am able to get out of my bed, but I have to sit on a donut-like pillow given by the hospital. Wherever I go, I must sit on the pillow for at least 1 month till the wound is completely healed.

วันนี้ก็วันที่ 5 สำหรับการผ่าตัดแปลงเพศ



Yesterday, I had 3 dishes to choose. This morning, I chose congee for breakfast, clear soup for lunch, and Japanese food for dinner. After taking shower, I feel much better now.

ผ่าตัดแปลงเพศ | บุ๊ค ธีรชยา รองอันดับ 1 Miss Tiifany’s Universe 2018



Although it is still swollen, its shape looks so nice and beautiful. On top of that, all of the sensation is still the same as before, I can even feel the sensitivity when doing the wound dressing. The most important thing after having the surgery done is to keep the wound clean and do vaginal dilation. Also, we should avoid eating spicy food and fermented products.

ผ่าตัดแปลงเพศ | บุ๊ค ธีรชยา รองอันดับ 1 Miss Tiifany’s Universe 2018




Doing vaginal dilation, we need a set of 6-sized dilators, condoms, and water-based lubricants. First, we need to do the wound dressing. Second, put a condom on dilator and apply water-based lubricant on the dilator. Then, slightly insert the dilator downwards at an angle of 45 degrees into the vagina and leave it like that for 1 – 1.5 hour. We have to do it twice a day everyday.

การขยายช่องคลอด | บุ๊ค ธีรชยา รองอันดับ 1 Miss Tiifany’s Universe 2018





I have come to the end of my review about sex reassignment surgery at Kamol Cosmetic Hospital. You can follow me on  Facebook : book theerachaya or IG : book.theerachaya  This is all for today. Thank you very much.


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