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Chin Reduction / Genioplasty

Chin Reduction Surgery / Genioplasty

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          The chin has an overwhelming influence on the overall looks and beauty of a person. Many people find their chins too big, small, full, or thin which throws off the facial balance and negatively affects their overall looks and beauty. Ccial harmony by making the chin more proportionate to the overall face.

          Chin reduction procedure adjusts the balance between the chin and the lower face, which is essential to obtain the desired aesthetics. The surgeon will create a chin and jawline. Must consider their options carefully to achieve a naturally attractive facial feature. Whether chin narrowing would suffice or mandible angle reduction is also needed to improve the size and shape of the chin.


Why reduction surgery?

          This procedure is a cosmetic surgery to reshape a chin. It can be performed on the lower jawline and chin area to improve the proportions of the face and to create beauty.

  • Advancement or moving the chin forward.
  • Pushback or moving chin backward.
  • Side to side, which can help asymmetric chin
  • Shortening or elongating of the chin

There are many possible types of procedure for chin reduction:

1. Chin reduction with mandible angle reduction.
2. Chin reduction without mandible angle reduction.
3. Chin reduction with T osteotomy technique or V. line surgery.

1. Chin reduction with Mandible angle reduction

          Chin reduction with mandible angle reduction is an aesthetic surgery to reduce the chin, jaw angle, and mandible. During a chin reduction surgery, the surgeon removes a part of the bone tissue that makes up the chin to enhance and balance the appearance of the lower jawline, chin and neck. There is a range of techniques for this.

1.1 Chin reduction by resecting the angle of the chin bone is applicable where a patient has a small chin but is concerned only with the corner of the chin bone. After the surgery the chin will appear curved as desired.

Shows chin

Picture 1.1 Shows chin


1.2 Chin reduction by resecting the bone from chin angle to the middle of the mandible. This is applicable where the patient has a square and broad chin. The chin reduction starts from the middle of a mandible to balance a new lower jawline. This procedure is the most commonly performed technique for chin reduction.

Chin reduction by resecting the bone from chin angle to the middle of the mandible

Picture 1.2 Chin reduction by resecting the bone from chin angle to the middle of the mandible


1.3 Chin reduction by resecting (cutting) and shortening the chin bone is used  where the patient has a long chin without too much projection. This procedure shaves the lower jaw bone to make it smaller, curved and balanced.

Chin reduction at the chin area by resecting and shortening a chin bone

Picture 1.3 Chin reduction at the chin area by resecting and shortening a chin bone 


1.4 Chin reduction by resecting (cutting) some bone all the way from the jaw to the chin to reduce the size. This technique is used for those with a wide jaw and broad chin. It improves the lower part of the face by making it appear shorter with a smaller & lower jawline. This is sometimes known as a horse shoe reduction. 

Chin reduction by resecting from side to side of angle jaw through mandible and chin, as “horseshoe” reduction

Picture 1.4 Chin reduction by resecting from side to side of angle jaw through mandible and the chin. “horseshoe” reduction



2. Chin reduction without Mandible angle reduction

          A chin reduction alone is an aesthetic procedure for a chin that is too short or too long while leaving the jaw and mandibular untouched. The surgeon uses a saw to cut a small vertical line for reference, then slides the bone forward or backward and attaches screws and plate to ensure it stays in place. After the chin is adjusted forwards or backwards bone shaving is then possible. 


2.1 Chin forward surgery

This procedure is a correction of a short chin by moving the chin bone forward to make the chin look more sharp and natural.

Chin forward surgery

Picture 2.1 Chin forward surgery


2.2 Chin Backwards Surgery

This procedure is a correction for those with a long chin. The chin bone is adjusted backwards to make the long chin look smaller and more natural.


Chin backward surgery
Picture 2.2 Chin backward surgery



3. Chin Reduction by T-Osteotomy, V-Line surgery

          This is a procedure to achieve a V-shaped face with a balance between jaw and chin. It is especially useful in cases where patients have a short chin and a broad face. 

Chin reduction by T-Osteotomy, V-Line surgery

Picture 3.1 Chin reduction by T-Osteotomy, V-Line surgery


Postoperative care:

  • Consume only liquids or soft food.
  • Regularly keep the oral cavity clean by using mouthwash.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Do not perform strenuous activity for one month after the surgery.
  • Control pain as needed by taking painkillers.
  • It usually is possible to go back to school or work two weeks after the surgery and the wound heals within 4-8 weeks.


Risks and Complications

          Chin reduction is a simple and safe procedure. Although exceptionally rare risks and complications are as follows.

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Nerve Injury 
  • Pain after surgery
  • Some bone loss



          This procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Chin reduction takes two hours and the patient will then spend one night in hospital. A recovery period of seven days  should be taken before going back to work or school. 



          Most patients are very satisfied with the outcome. Swelling will be present and will reduce over the following months. There is a lot of skill in performing this surgery as the chin and jaw must be balanced with the rest of the face in order to achieve facial harmony and natural looks. Our Surgeons have done thousands of chin surgeries and have the adequate experience to get you the results you desire. 

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