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Breast Reduction / Breast Lift

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Breast Reduction and Breast Lift:

         All women dream of having beautiful breasts, but someone has enlarged breasts. The symthomps associated with enlarged breast include upper and mid back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, shoulder bra strap grooves, postural problems and chronic sweating and rashes beneath the breasts. It is also quite difficult to find clothes that suite for them. The breast reduction surgery is the one of the procedure to decrease the size of the breast. There are three methods of breast reduction and lift:

1. Breast Reduction and Lift by Liposuction

The surgeon will take the liposuction for patients with not too large breasts. The surgeon offers using Ultrasound Assisted Liposuntion (Vaser)
The advantage
- Invisible scar
- Less duration of the surgery comparing to another procedure
- Less recovery time
The disadvantage
- Difficult to control the shape and contour of the breasts, or size relative to the patient's request

2. Breast Reduction and Lift by Incision Scar around Areola (O scar)

This procedure is suitable for large breasts with mild and moderate ptosis. The incision scar is around areola (Figure 1). During this procedure, fat, glandular tissue and the excess skin are removed and cut from the breasts. The nipples will be repositioned and the breasts will be reshaped to get a good body proportion.

The advantage

- Scar around areola (O-scar)
- Incison scar around areola can be hidden

The disadvange

- Folded skins may occur around incision scar, however, they normally disappear within three to five months


shows breast reduction and lift by incision scar around areola

Picture1. shows breast reduction and lift by incision scar around areola


3. Breast Reduction and Lift by Inverted T-scar 

          For patients with significantly large breasts, the surgeon will make an incision in the skin that take the form of an inverted T-scar (Picture 2), remove the excess fat and adjust the shape. The size is reduced to the patient’s preference.


shows breast reduction and lift by inverted T scar

Picture 2. shows breast reduction and lift by inverted T-scar


The advantage 
- Possible to achieve the size and shape within the patient's request 

The disadvantage
- The scar is visible.
The procedure takes approximately three to five hours, depending on the size of the breast. Patient and surgeon have to come to conclusion of what desired results would be before theprocedure.

Post Operation Care for Breast Reduction and Lift:

After the operation, it is necessary to ensure that the wound remains dry during the first 2-3 days. The wound should be cleaned according to the instructions of surgeons.

Risks and Complications of Breast Reduction and Lift:

- Visible scar
- Hematoma
- Bleeding
- Infection
- Seroma
- Numbness

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