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          Alarplasty is a surgical procedure to reshape and reduce the size of nostrils. A small, wedge shape piece of skin removed to create smaller and narrower nostrils.  It is a popular procedure combine with rhinoplasty to make the nose shape more beautiful.


A good candidate for Alarplasty

  • People who feel have a wide alar flare and wide nostrils
  • Healthy
  • Realize expectation


Four techniques for alarplasty

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital offers various techniques for alarplasty are as follows:

1. To reduce an alar flare by alar wedge resection technique is performed by a wedge excision 1-2 mm above the alar facial- groove and then suture, this technique is suited for someone who has wide alar flare as a picture 1


Picture 1. Shows the incision scar to reduce the alar flare technique


2. A sliding alar flap technique performed to narrow the alar base the incision scar is outside of the nostrils base. This procedure is available for someone who has optimal nostrils but needs a narrow alar base as picture 2


Picture 2. Shows the incision scar to sliding alar flap technique


3. A nostrils excision is performed to narrow alar base. The incision scar is in the base of nostrils. This technique is available for someone who has wide nostrils base as picture 3


Picture 3. Shows the incision scar to excising the middle of the nostrils base


4. Combination of alar wedge resection and a nostrils excision as a picture 4


 Picture 4. Shows the incision scar to combination technique


Preparation for alarplasty

  • Consult with your surgeon
  • Stop smoking before surgery at least two weeks
  • Stop some medicines, vitamin, or herbs that interfere with blood clotting such as aspirin


Procedure for alarplasty

  1. Local anesthesia
  2. Incision above the nasal crease or the way around mark site, remove the tissue out 
  3. Sutures and adjust the shape of the nostrils


Post-operative care for alarplasty

  1. Elevate the head to reduce the swelling
  2. Stop eating salty foods for 1-2 weeks to reduce swelling
  3. Stop alcohol two weeks after surgery
  4. Follow up with a doctor one month after surgery
  5. Keep clean every day 
  6. Take stitches off seven days after surgery
  7. The wound will be healing well takes 1-3 months
  8. Follow all post-operative instructions and attend all post-operative appointments


Risk and complication for alarplasty

  • After surgery may be redness, swelling, bleeding, or infection
  • Scarring
  • Asymmetry nostrils


Recovery for alarplasty

          You can return to work after one week; swelling persists for 1-2 weeks. Avoid strenuous exercise for a few weeks.  The final result will see at four weeks, and then continue improvement for several months.

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